What the Length of Your Finger Reveals About Your Love Life

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You may have often wondered why the ring finger was called so, or for that matter, why wedding and engagement rings are often worn only on the 4th digit of your left hand. That is because, for the longest time, the 4th digit of our hands was always considered to be an indicator of the love life. There are different myths attached to this practice.

For instance, the Greek and Roman mythology suggest that there is a vein, called Vena Amoris, that directly connects the heart and the 4th digit of the left hand. Unfortunately, Vena Amoris does not exist. If you are one of those who believed in Vena Amoris and is disappointed now, then have a ‘heart’ because all is not lost. You have the solid backing of science to help you understand the real reason behind it.

According to a research (1), the ratio between the lengths of 2nd digit (Index finger) and 4th digit (Ring finger) gives an insight into your personality and love life. The study (2) reveals that the difference in the lengths of these fingers is directly related to the concentration of testosterone, estrogen and luteinizing hormones during fetal development in the mother’s womb. The higher the concentration of testosterone, the longer the size of the ring finger. Although primarily a male sexual hormone, testosterone is also vital for women and is equally important for both during procreation.

So, here is an easy way to find out more about your personality. Before you begin, flatten out your palm on a flat surface with the inner side facing downwards. Now, compare the lengths of your fingers and read below to know the results:

1. Ring Finger Is Longer Than Index Finger

Ring Finger Is Longer Than Index Finger

You are a charmer! You may often find people of the opposite gender getting easily attracted to you, even though you are simply being yourself. It is because the confidence you exude and charm of your personality is hard to ignore. There may be times when your confidence will be misread as arrogance or aggressiveness, but you really don’t care for others’ opinions, except those who are dear to you and would unabashedly enjoy all the attention that comes your way. If you haven’t been doing it already, that is!

2. Index Finger Is Longer Than Ring Finger

 Index Finger Is Longer Than Ring Finger

You are a natural born leader! If you enjoy taking charge of things, whether you are at home or office, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that it’s in your genes. You were born to lead. You are always the perfect host/hostess, hardly lose your temper and retain your composure even though you may be stressed. During times of crisis, you are the go-to person for all sorts of troubleshooting.

3. Both Fingers Are Of The Same Length

Both Fingers Are Of The Same Length

You are a great communicator! Your words have a soothing effect on others and you are also a good listener. Your warm personality draws people towards you. Your ability to comfort people in distress easily compels them to share their deepest secrets, even without your asking. Such is the power of your personality that people tend to easily trust you. So if you have been finding yourself in the agony aunt’s seat more often than you would have thought, you know why!

If you are unable to relate to your respective analysis, then it’s time you start working on it as your fingers say so. If it made you smile, then keep up the good work. But if you are one who’s just had a shiny rock adorn your ring finger, need we say, flaunt it!

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