What do we gain by eating chickpeas?

bowl of chickpea

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We all have seen and tried chickpea, mostly among our grandparents. Why this plant before was in every house? Certainly older did not purchase without reason. Learn the benefits offered by this fruit.

Chickpea is mostly agricultural, and horticultural crop in the area of former Yugoslavia, mostly grown in Macedonia. It is considered as one of the earliest cultivated plants, and its remains are 7,500 years old.

Chickpeas benefits:

Weight Loss!

Because of the high fiber content and low glycemic index, chickpea is great for weight loss. Chickpea salad is delicious and can keep you fuller for a longer period.

Great protein for vegetarians and others!

Chickpea is an excellent source of protein. Mixed with corn, it reaches the level of a protein that is found in the meat. But most important, he has no saturated fat and high amount of calories.

For Women!

Chickpea contains saponins which act as antioxidants. Reduces the risk of cancer, protects against osteoporosis and minimize hot flashes in menopause.

With chickpeas to a healthy heart!

Regular intake of chickpea can reduce the bad cholesterol. Studies show that due to significant levels of folate and magnesium, chickpea really helps reduce the risk of heart attack. If you have a history of heart disease we recommend you consume chickpeas.

Powerful source of iron!

This grain gives a large amount of energy because it has a lot of iron. This is very important for women during menstruation, pregnancy or lactation. Iron is a component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, making it crucial for the production of energy.

Stabilize blood sugar levels!

Soluble fibers help to stabilize the level of sugar. If you have insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes should enter chickpeas in the daily diet. Although it helps prevent diseases, also chickpea is helpful when dieting.

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