Top 5 Home Remedies to Remove Underarm Odor

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The body has over two million sweat glands which come into action to cool the body by the evaporation of liquid (sweat) on the surface of the skin.

This is usually caused by the external environment (heat) or mental or physical stress, Most of the sweat is odorless fluid consisting of water, salt and small amounts of some elements secreted by the eccrine sweat glands distributed throughout the body.

However, the sweat produced by apocrine sweat glands located in the armpits and genital areas, rich in organic matter is ideal for the reproduction of bacteria that multiply and break down in these secretions that causes body odor.

It can also be caused by foods like garlic and onion and even spices like cumin and curry, as its strong core is emitted through sweat.

There is no evidence linking aluminum compounds in antiperspirants and deodorants business with high levels of aluminum in Alzheimer’s patients, but if you wish to avoid any issues with the chemicals in these products, there are many alternatives and remedies.

Natural Remedies
  1. Remedy for perspiration or body odor # 1:. Drink a cup of sage tea daily helps to reduce sweat gland activity.
  2. Remedy perspiration or body odor # 2: Apply a handful of fresh sage leaves blended with tomato juice on the underarms is as effective as commercial deodorants.
  3. Remedy perspiration or body odor # 3: Wet armpits with a mixture of willow bark tea and borax
  4. Remedy perspiration or body odor # 4: powdered clean and dry armpits with baking soda or cornstarch (corn starch, or a mixture thereof, or a combination of powder and baking soda, or with rice powder or talc.

People suffering from body odor should follow these recommendations:

  • The daily bath is essential for odor control. People who sweat heavily may need a shower in the morning and afternoon, and after any strenuous activity.
  • The removal of axillary hair once a week removes the environment for smelly bacteria.
  • The rub the armpits with a soapy towel waste away secretions of bacteria more effectively than the lather with hands.
  • To eliminate the strong body odor, there are nurses and therapists who have patients to soak for 15 minutes in a tub of water mixed with three cups of tomato juice.
  • The loose garments porous fabrics allow perspiration to evaporate before becoming eligible for half the growth of bacteria. But unless it is changed regularly collects clothes odors that might negate the benefits of a daily bath.
  • Diet can affect the smell of sweat. Therefore, you must remove pungent foods like onions, garlic, hot spices and beer.

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