See What Your Urine Smell Tells About Your Health..

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The smell of urine is an important indicator of health. There are many substances that affect the kind of smell your urine has so you can know if everything is okay. The urine should not have a strong smell, but if it reminds you of ammonia, you may have urinary infection, kidney stone or simply are dehydrated.

Unfortunately, many health issues and changes cause strong aroma of urine – menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, impaired metabolism and so on. Also, such a smell develops from foods with lots of protein.

Urinary disease with smell of maple syrup – This genetic disorder can cause your urine to smell too sweet.

Nutrition – Frequently asparagus causes a smell of cabbage or eggs (sulfur). The smell caused by asparagus disappears for a day or two.

Diabetes – is characterized by a sweet smell, or in worse case, fungal. In the past, some doctors diagnosed diabetes while they dried urine to see if it will attract bugs.

If you are healthy, your urine should be composed of 95% water and has easy aroma. If you still feel strong and unpleasant smell, so even if you have no pain, then smart idea is to visit a doctor. However, it is better to prevent than to cure.

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