If You See This Somewhere On a Beach, Don’t Touch It!

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This creature attracts many curious people who are walking around the beach. But, you need to be cautions as this seemingly nice creature is very dangerous. If you notice it, you should run away – immediately!

This water creature looks as a bubble and has tentacles that are about 30 foot long and they can extend up to unbelievable 165 feet.

Due to the fact it has soft flesh and tentacles, many people consider that it is a jellyfish, but it actually is not. As experts explain, there are four other different organisms and each of them has a different role, including reproduction and flotation.

This creature has nasty sting that paralyzes the prey. This causes painful welts, but in some cases it may end fatal.

In case of emergency, press the sting with something cold to lower the swelling and ask for emergency assistance.

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