Never Use Your Cell Phone While Charging!

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Today’s phones quickly have their battery power low. Often happens to use our cell phone while it is charging. But, we are not warned that using the phone while it is charging is potentially is dangerous.

What are the things to be kept in mind while buying mobile phones?

Buy a branded phone as far as possible. Ensure that the phone has a proper IMEI number, which is a code that identifies each phone. Check that the number on the phone corresponds to that on the box and receipts.

It is considered wise to check the accessories such as earphones, battery and charger. Make sure the battery description such as voltage value matches with that of the charger to avoid overcharging which sometimes lead to explosion of handset.

Why do mobile phone blasts happen? And How?

The most common reasons for a cell phone to explode are using it while the phone is being charged and ‘call bombing’. Charging puts pressure on the motherboard of the phone, using it during charging increases this pressure manifold. This causes the cheap electronic components in some mobiles to explode.

Call bombing refers to calls or missed calls received from international numbers. If one receives or calls these numbers back and the call exceeds a certain amount of time, the phone will blast. There is also a malware, or bug, found in some Android-based smartphones, that can also cause explosion by exerting extra pressure on the motherboard during charging.

Certain precautions that must be practiced while using a mobile phone?

While communicating using your cell phone, try to keep the cell phone away from the body as this would reduce the strength of the electromagnetic field of the radiations. Whenever possible, use the speaker-phone mode or a wireless blue tooth headset.

Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. When in pocket, make sure that key pad is positioned toward your body so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from you rather than through you.

Do not keep it near your body at night such as under pillow or a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on ‘flight’ or ‘offline’ mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions. Avoid using your cell phone when signal is weak or when moving at high speed, such as in car or train.

There are many people who are wondering whether the use of smartphones and cell phones in general while they are being charged is dangerous because the radiation during this period is higher. On top of that, some people believe that this is the time when the risk of electrocution and explosion is higher too.

If you cover your phone with some fabric, your body parts, clothing or anything else will have an impact on the work of your cell phone and it will also increase the chances of explosion or fire. In addition, it is highly recommended to avoid using inadequate chargers because they can also increase the chances of malfunctioning, explosion, fire and other hazardous things.


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