Mom Stabbed 8-Month Baby 90 Times Because of Biting Her While Breastfeeding

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An 8-month-old boy in China was found swimming in a pool of his own blood, moments after his mother stabbed him 90 times with scissors. (Breastfeeding)

The gruesome scene unfolded this week when little Xiao Bao’s uncle found him bleeding in the back yard, then rushed him to the hospital in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, the International Business Times reported. He received more than 100 stitches and is in stable condition.

Bao’s mother, who wasn’t immediately identified, allegedly attacked the boy when he bit her during breastfeeding.

Photos show Bao with stitches all over his face, feet and legs. He can be seen sleeping and then sitting up and looking off into the distance, with bandages on his head and neck.

Despite neighbors pleading with the local government to take custody of the poor child, Xiao will remain with his mother and two uncles.


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