Mix Sesame & Honey – And Heal So Much Diseases..

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The combination of mixed honey and sesame is great for overall human health if it’s consumed daily. As a bonus, it has an amazing flavor.

This product is often used in dietary regimens and in most of Mediteranean diet.

Sesame contains so much vitamins and minerals, as are: iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper and phosphorus. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and large amount of Vitamins: A, B and E.

This mix of sesame and honey is an excellent source of amino acids. It is a remarkably healthy food that everyone should consume nowadays. When sesame gets combined with honey, it turns into healing mixture with numerous health benefits.

This formula contains healthy substances that help boost the immune system, treat constipation, increased appetite, helps with stomach diseases, colitis, gastritis and ulcers.

It is best consumed in the morning.

Other benefits:
  • Strenghtens bone marrow
  • Encourages mental abilities
  • Increases physical endurance
  • Affects beautiful look of hair and skin

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