How to Know If Your Stomach Acid Is Too Weak Using Just a Beet

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Interestingly enough, eating a beet can help you determine your stomach acid levels. All you have to do is to eat the veggie and then check the color of your urine.

If your pee is clear, it means that you have sufficient stomach acid. If you have pink pee, your stomach acid is quite weak.

The stomach acid needs a pH of in order to make vitamin B12 more available as well as to break down proteins.  If you lack stomach acid, you will not be able to digest proteins properly and they will go in the small intestine as protein fragments rather than as amino acids.

Consequently, this may lead to a wide range of problems, out of which the leaky gut is the most common. Leaky gut typically develops when gluten particles make holes in the small intestine, which allows undigested food components to reach the bloodstream.

In addition to the increased risk for getting leaky gut, improper absorption of vitamin B12 can also make you more fatigued. In other words, not only will your gut be developing issues, you will be tired and drained out all the time, too.

However, there is nothing to worry about! Let the beet give you an inside about what is going on with your stomach acid and look for a way to address the problem.

If your urine has pink tones after eating a beet, it means that your pH is too low. If this is the case, you need to do the following:

1. Drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 minutes before eating

Drinking water prior eating gives your stomach a water jacket, which in turn protects it from the acid. Aurvedic medicine suggests that the stomach will respond properly and increase the release of hydrochloric acid.

2. Drink a large sip of organic apple cider vinegar

Drink ACV right before your meal in order to lower the stomach acidity. Use a tablespoon of ACV for each glass of water.

More Benefits Of Beets

In addition to giving your information on the acidic state of your gut, beets are also packed with a wide plethora of health benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Anti-Cancer Properties

In a couple of studies beets have helped individuals with solid tumors experience remission. They consumed beet powder in water and it was the beet powder regimen that led to tumor shrinkage. Beet juice has a robust nutritional profile, being packed with antioxidants, folate, betailing, and potassium.

2. Top Health Food

According to the Summer Fancy Food Show, beets are the top 5 health food. It might be due to their ability to boost libido, improve digestion, lower blood pressure levels or simply for their versatility. They can be shredded into salads, grilled, or made into delicious juices.

3. Fight Inflammation

Being high in betaine, the nutrient that protects proteins, cells, and enzymes, beets are also capable of fighting inflammation, protecting the internal organs, and preventing various chronic diseases.

4. Detoxification Support

The pigments in beets support body`s phase II detoxification process, in which toxins are attached to other molecules so that they can be eliminated from the body.


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