Is It Bad To Go To Bed Hungry?

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Going to bed hungry is a diet myth that we all heard about at least once in a lifetime.

Austrian nutritionist reveals whether we should eat just before sleeping, and which foods are best to avoid if you want to lose any excess weight.

While we sleep, our body performs a range of functions: restores and reproduces cells, digests food and does many other biological functions necessary for life. All these processes inside the body require energy, which the body draws from food eaten during the day and night.

“Nutritionists advise eating proteins and fats before bed because this group of food ensures the best night’s rest.”

If before sleep you eat food with “empty” calories, as chocolate or ice cream, blood sugar levels quickly grows, and the resulting “power” will automatically be stored in the body in the form of fatty pads – says Australian nutritionist, Dr Dr. Tim Robards.

To have a peaceful dream at night, it is best not to eat anything for several hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the food digestion will keep you awake or in half awake condition for a long time. However, if you eat just before sleeping, it is best to choose food that contains minimal sugar and carbohydrates.

For restful sleep is best to eat protein and fat which contain all cells in the body – Allowed: organically raised meat, eggs, fruits such as avocados, and butter. Eat foods that burn slowly and releases nutrients – says Dr. Robards.

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