This Girl Went For A Jog, And Now Fights for Her Life

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While some areas can have fairly obvious dangers marked by warning signs, the safety of most places depends on who or what is living there. (jog)

Two joggers were unfortunate enough to learn just how hostile a seemingly innocent place can be. This is their story..

Their jog took them to this field. They were attacked by four pit bulls. The two joggers and the dogs’ owner struggled with them for half an hour while they kept biting.

But suddenly, the dogs scattered. A woman happened to be driving her truck up to the scene, which scared them off. She then rushed the victims to safety. But the cousins were still very badly injured.

George received deep bites all over her body but was released and recovered at home. The dogs ripped off 75% of Forgey’s scalp and tore some muscle from her leg. She had to stay in intensive care.


Police later found the four dogs and shot them dead. The local sheriff’s department also called for charges against their owner, who police suspected of starving them.

Both cousins had their wounds healed in the months since.

Forgey spent months in physical therapy but is now reporting that things are better.


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