Girl Was Posing for Image While Her Boyfriend Noticed Something Strange on Her Leg..

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In an age where teenagers go through so many changes on their bodies, they are trying to fit in and find their place. Meagan Barnard, at the age of 15, was dealing with so much more that. Meagan has received the terrible news that she had lymphedema, a rare, incurable disease that caused extreme swelling on her right leg due to damaged lymph nodes. image

She lived in constant fear of ridicule, refusing to wear skirts, shorts or anything that revealed legs. Now, at the age of 24, Meagan decided to make a courageous decision and to share her story.

Meagan shared her story in hopes of inspiring others with the same condition. She even started modeling to show the world that this is nothing to be ashamed of. She is feeling much better with her life, she feels much happier.

Meagan’s new mission is to continue modeling and encourage young girls to be who they are in spite of the obstacles facing its goals whatever they may be.

Source: Health Advice Team

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