Girl Was Bitten By a Copperhead Snake, Came Inside Screaming..

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Playgrounds and outdoor play is of vital importance for the mental and physical health of children. The playground should be entertaining and safe for your kids but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Every year, over 200,000 kids are treated in hospital due to playground-related injuries. copperhead

Kiley Cook from Grandbury, Texas, was playing with her friends when suddenly, she experienced severe pain. The girl was beaten by a copperhead snake, a dangerous breed of snakes which can seriously injure, and even kill a human being with one bite.

The girl`s mom, Nataly Horn, was at school at this unfortunate moment so she immediately rushed to help her child.

Kiley was instantly flown to Cook Children`s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where she received antidote therapy.

According to the Cook Children`s Medical Center, there are 17-25 children who experience snake bites each year just in their hospital.

The little Kiley experienced terrible symptoms. Her fingers, arm and the entire hand were swollen, and her finger turned entirely black.

The employees of the playground claim that they will thoroughly examine the playground before they allow children to play outside.

Unfortunately, these dangerous animals can often come completely undetected so there is no 100% guarantee for total protection.

This specific type of snakes is commonly found in North America, especially in North East.

Therefore,  parents and employees should constantly monitor the kids when they are on the playground because adult supervision is the best way to prevent any kind of accident and injury.

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