Foods That Will Make Your ‘Tool’ Hard As Rock

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Since ancient times people are trying to improve libido and increase sexual pleasure. People in ancient Greece even invented a unique name – aphrodisiacs. They were convinced that such products are foods and herbs which have the power to increase potency.

Probably every man at least once in his life will be interested about this question. It is a well – known fact that a famous lover Giacomo Casanova used special means to have a good potency during his lifetime. His conclusion was that proper nutrition is efficient in maintaining high level of libido.

Our advice is to follow the advice of the great lover and turn your attention to useful products for potency.

After various studies, scientists have found that a menu of a sexual active man should include foods containing vitamins E, A and B. Those vitamins also are known as “vitamins of reproduction”. It is important to mention that food for potency should include trace elements needed by the body: proteins, calcium, phosphorus, cholesterol, and potassium. All these substances are found in any of nuts, seeds, beans.

Foods good for Potency:

Nuts: pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, etc;

Dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, sour cream. Add to your daily diet sour cream, and you will scarcely face male’s impotence.

Spices and herbs: St. John’s wort, anise, purslane, cumin, mint, turnips. Boiled turnips with meat were a favorite dish of Russian warriors and not only of them. No wonder why there were so many children in Russia in ancient times.

Vegetables: especially garlic and all kinds of onions. If you mix the onion with eggs, such food quickly restores drooping potency;

Fruits: lemons, oranges, pomegranates, bananas, figs;

Sweet natural products: Honey, mixed with chopped nuts has a mighty force for the libido.

Seafood: mussels, shrimp, oysters. Notorious Casanova ate a large number of oysters for breakfast every morning. This allowed him to have a stable potency even in old age.

Meat and fish: beef and flounder – are products that have a miraculous effect not only on the potency, but also on the whole body.

We can conclude that the problem of ED can be prevented. All you should do is to change your eating habits and add more healthy foods to your diet.

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