Entering Your Pin In Reverse Can Save Your Life!

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95 % of people do not know these informations, which can literally be life-saving. They apply to everyday things and objects we use and some everyday situations. (pin)

If a robber or somebody else forces you to withdraw money from an ATM machine

Enter your PIN in reverse.

So if your PIN is 1254, you need to enter 4521.

The ATM will give you your money, however it will instantly alarm the police and the robber wouldn’t know that. This option exists on every ATM machine but many people don’t know that.

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Your mobile phone can be of a great help in exceptional situations

It may sound unbelievable, but your mobile phone can save your life, or your nerves in certain situations.

Call an ambulance or a police anywhere in the world.

The number for emergencies that can be called anywhere in the world is 112. If you are out of your service and there is an emergency, call 112 and your phone will search for any service available to where you are.

It is interesting that you can dial 112 even when the keyboard is locked. Try it.

If your remote car key is locked in your car

This is something that has happened to most of us, and there is a simple trick that may be useful for you someday. If you lock your keys in the car and your spare one is at your home, do this:

If there is somebody in your home, call them on their mobile. Keep you mobile 30 cm from your car’s door. The person in your house should hold the key close to their cell phone and press the unlock button. Your car will unlock.

Hidden reserve in your phones’ battery

Imagine the battery of your phone is low, you need the phone but do not have a phone plug with you. Nokia phones have an option for a reserve battery, to activate, enter * 3 3 7 0 # and your phone will have 50 % battery. The phone will compensate the reserve during the next charging.

 How to completely prevent the use of your mobile phone in case someone steals it

First, you need to know the serial number of your phone. Write down this number and keep it somewhere safe. To find out this number enter * # 0 6 # and fifteen numbers will appear on your display.

This number is unique for your phone. If somebody steals it, call your phone operator, tell them your serial number and they can block your phone and make it totally useful, even if the thief changes the SIM card. You are probably not getting your phone back but you will at least know whoever stole it will not benefit from it either.

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