6 Little Things All Guys Want In Bed

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This list just confirms that men aren’t hard to please, but there are specific requests they wish women would indulge in the bedroom.

But why should it be all about his pleasure? Frankly, it shouldn’t.

Sex between the two of you should be mutually stimulating and exciting. This isn’t about “pleasing your man”, it’s about making sure your partner’s needs and wants are met during sex, and he should be doing the exact same for you!

If you’re putting in the effort to meet these little exciting acts, he should be focused on making sure your sexual quips are met, too.

But to start, make sure you’re touching on these must-haves for men to introduce or rekindle that nurturing side of sex. Luckily, a few of these tips focus on your pleasure just as much as his!


When you get into a sex routine that consists of the same lights-off, before bed encounters, it can be disheartening for both of you.

Bring spontaneity back in your relationship to reignite his flame (and your own). Jump him on the stairs and initiate sex at a random moment. Tell him you can’t wait and make it happen right then and there.

You can also spice it up by introducing a new position, toys, costumes or role play. Anything you both feel comfortable with trying (or revisiting if you’ve already explored it) can add an excitement to sex that he craves.


As you know, men are visual creatures. Take this knowledge and use it to really rile him up.

You could go out and buy a skimpy piece of lingerie to pique his interest, or it could be as simple as leaving a light on to give him a better view of your body. Heat things up by riding cowgirl position so he can see your sexy actions or liven up any position by propping a mirror nearby!

When you give this tip a try, don’t apologize for your body or give off an insecurity about your looks. He loves your body and clearly wants to see it, so own it and strut around with confidence! It’ll do your body good, too.


Create an ambient atmosphere by telling him how much you like what you’re doing to each other.

Any guy loves to hear his name whispered sensually during sex, or you can slip in a few well-timed dirty phrases or moans for a sexy surprise.

You don’t have to go overboard and start a full-on mid-coital conversation, but a silent sex session only increases any awkwardness. Obviously, it’s understandable if you have kids in a nearby room, but in that case, make sure you find time to have sex when they aren’t home or try a weekend getaway so slow, silent sex doesn’t become your entire repertoire. You both need to let loose a little!


Just as women like to be certain they’re riding girl-on-top just right, guys love to hear that they’re pushing all your pleasurable buttons.

Communicate to let him know what you especially like so he’ll concentrate on the things that feel best to you. This is also a solid time to redirect any less-than-great acts he may have grown accustomed to doing. If you say, “I want you to go slow in me tonight,” or whatever your request is in a soft, sexy whisper, he’ll definitely be game.

Though this tip serves to up his bedroom ego, it’ll heighten both of your confidence levels in the bedroom. Just as he becomes aware of what you like best and can implement those acts in future sex sessions, you’re speaking up for yourself and taking your pleasure into your own hands. A win-win!


Duh, right?

Obviously, your guy wants your act of passion to end happily, but he likely wants to draw it out for your sake and for his own pleasure. This is where you can help.

Most guys already have a technique to make themselves last longer, but it may actually be causing harm to your sex life. “All men have their own extending technique, from thinking about football or baseball or counting backwards in their heads,” says A.L. Harper, sex expert, to Men’s Fitness. “However, these distraction techniques can end up making guys worse in bed because they aren’t paying attention to their partner’s pleasure.”

This is where a woman can help. There are a few techniques to help guys last longer in the sack, but edging may be the most solid (and tantalizing!). When a man is close to orgasm, stop for a minute or two to allow his breathing to return to normal and much of the sensations to fade. (He can always manually or orally please you so you aren’t just waiting around.) Then, pick back up slowly to extend your time of fun together.


Though his own O is always on his mind, men aim to please. But this doesn’t mean you should feel pressure to orgasm on command or fake it if it isn’t coming naturally.

The average sex session lasts only 7.3 minutes but women need an average of 20 minutes of direct stimulation to orgasm, so clearly you need a little extra attention to get your own happy ending! Prolonging his orgasm through edging or another technique will help, but you may need to rethink your strategy for your own sake! (We are talking about your orgasm, after all.)

Before you begin intercourse, consider asking him to go down on you or give him a little show by touching yourself. He wants you to climax just as much as you do, so work together to make sure no partner is left unsatisfied.

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