30 Useful Advices That Will Make You Better Person

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    • Give it to people more than they expect and do it with love;
    • Memorize your favourite songs;
    • When you answer the phone, smile, the person you called, will feel that in your voice
    • When you say “I love you”, think it;
    • When you say “I’m sorry”, look that person in eyes;
    • Live with your partner at least 6 months, before you get married;
    • Believe in love at first sight;
    • Love deeply and with passion, you may suffer, but it’s the only way to live life completely;
    • Do not laugh at others dreams;
    • When you do not agree, say it carefully;
    • Do not judge people by their relatives;
    • Talk slowly, think quickly;
    • When someone asks you something, do not say: “Why do you want to know it?”;
    • Call your parents more often;
    • When you suffer a defeat, learn something from it;
  • Do not allow small hassle to spoil a great friendship;
  • When you see you are wrong, take a step back;
  • Marry someone with whom you would like to talk when you get older – then the conversation will be more important than other things;
  • Learn how to live alone;
  • When arguing with people you love, talk about today and do not explore the past;
  • Be ready for changes, but do not forget your own values;
  • Remember that sometimes silence is the best holiday;
  • Learn how to read between lines;
  • Increase the knowledge, it is the first key to immortality;
  • Respect the Earth;
  • Pray, it gives you enormous power;
  • Do not interrupt the one that flatters you, ask him what he wants to achieve;
  • If you make a lot of money, help others. It is the greatest pleasure from wealth;
  • Remember always that your character determines your destiny;
  • Learn to play all roles, than learn how to quit from anyone;

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