10 Symptoms Your Body Need Help That You Should Not Ignore

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Our bodies are believed to be perfect mechanisms as they keep in check many processes that happen in the same time. There is great balance between the processes that are independent. When some of them are disrupted, our bodies send signals that indicate that the things aren’t running as they should.

We often neglect the signals. Recognizing these signals is very important because it prevents further issues. Here is a list of some signals that you must not ignore:

Bleeding gums

This is a sign of deficiency in vitamin C. To solve this problem, you need to consume veggies, fruits and garlic.

Elbow dry skin

Deficiency in vitamin A and C are manifested with dry skin on your elbows and that is why you need to consume vegetables and fruits like oranges, carrots, apricots and pumpkin.

Brittle nails and hair

This symptom indicates that you are deficient in vitamin D and calcium. You need to take more calcium and vitamin D rich foods like milk, wheat germ, whole grains, potatoes and legumes.

Dry skin

This signals that you are in deficiency in vitamin E. To boost these levels, you need to consume more oily fish, vegetable oils and nuts.

Leg cramps, irritability and poor sleep

These signs indicate deficiency in potassium and magnesium. To increase the levels of magnesium, you need to consume nuts like linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. To boost the levels of potassium, you need to consume chard, spinach, kale and other green leafy veggies. You can get potassium and magnesium from plums, red beet and apricots.

Desire for sour foods

Craving for this kind of food shows that the body needs additional liver and gallbladder stimulation. You need to consume more cranberries and lemons.

Cravings for seafood

If you have desire for this kind of food, then you are probably deficient in iodine.

Cravings for raw food

Desire for this kind of food shows liver issues and gastritis. Having raw diet has been shown to relieve cramps and soothe the stomach.

Cravings for sweets

Cravings for this kind of food mean that the body needs glucose for energy. Reach for honey or dark chocolate as options for sweets.

Desire for salty foods

This can indicate inflammation or infection, especially in the urogenital system.

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